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Diamond knowledge

Berry's encourages you to consider us for your next diamond jewelry purchase.

We know diamonds are often bought for special occasions and we are always pleased to have a role in those events. We have an enormous selection to choose from in our jewelry inventory.
There is no better place for jewelry than Berry's because of our Diamond Advantage:
  • Prices 50% below suggested retail
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Full trade-in on Diamond Solitaires and Diamond Earrings (ask for details)
  • Free semiannual inspections and cleanings
  • Free insurance appraisal upon request
Berry's wants you to be completely satisfied with your jewelry purchase and we offer knowledgeable customer service to help you understand the "4Cs" of diamonds:
  • Carat
Carat describes the wieght of the diamond. A carat can be further divided into 100 points {1/2 carat = 50 points}.
  • Color
Color describes the amount of color a diamond contains. This can range from colorless to a yellowish or brown tint. The table of color is as follows:
D - F
G - J
K - R
S - Z
near colorless
very light yellow
light yellow
fancy *

 * Fancy colored diamonds can be an intense yellow, brown, blue, pink, red and even black


  • Clarity
Clarity describes the purity or clearness of a diamond. This is determined by the number, size, location and visibility of the internal {inclusions} or external {blemishes} characteristics.
The clarity scale is as follows:
V VS1 - V VS2
VS1 - VS2
SI1 - SI2
I1 - I3
Internally Flawless
Very,Very Small Inclusions {1&2}
Very Small Inclusions {1,2 & 3}
Small Inclusions {1,2 & 3}
Imperfect {1,2 & 3}
  • Cut
Cut refers to the proportions, finish, symmetry and polish of the diamond. The cut determines the fire and brilliance of the diamond. A good cut gives the diamond the "sparkle" effect that it is known for.
The Berry's Diamond Advantage. Use it to your advantage!
Come visit Berry's to see our full selection.